Customer Invoicing

No obligation

Reduce your time spent on billing day to zero

Professional PDF-based invoices in 3-5 seconds
  • Customer-specific billing cycles, offset to any time zone
  • Matching CDRs can accompany any invoice
  • Support for VAT (or similar flat) tax
  • Email PDF invoices automatically at the end of every billing cycle

WebCDR can generate and send telecom invoices in accordance with each customer’s defined billing cycle. Choices include manual, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic invoicing, customizable for each individual customer. In full-auto mode, you can literally have nothing to do on billing day. (Except wait for payments to arrive!) And for each customer, you can also specify recurring attachments such as a dial code report, an XLS version of the invoice, or a matching CDR file.

Manual and semi-automatic options allow you to preview each invoice in your browser prior to sending. Once you’re ready, a single click sends each invoice and any accompanying attachments on its way.

WebCDR can also automatically generate vendor reconciliation invoices.