We help Carriers worldwide

meet mission-critical telecom billing management needs

WebCDR was founded in 1999 to help carriers worldwide meet mission-critical telecom billing management needs without the need to purchase and maintain costly and complex in-house systems.

Since then, WebCDR has helped hundreds of global carriers in dozens of countries process billions of CDRs with a hosted suite of secure, reliable, and innovative telecom billing management solutions.

With WebCDR, you can access to detailed traffic and profit reports, monitor call quality, and manage rates – all through one secure, accurate, reliable web-based platform available 24/7.

WebCDR Billing: Our flagship telecom billing management and invoicing platform
Your CDR data is downloaded to our secure servers every 15 minutes so you can access traffic reports right from your browser and quickly create PDF invoices. 

WebCDR Watchdog: Quick alerts on route quality
24x7 monitoring of your most recent CDRs to scan for low ASR, low ACD, and more – so you can maintain superior quality on your VoiP, SIP, and TDM networks. 

WebCDR Anti-Fraud: Round-the-clock fraud protection
Continually downloads and analyzes your switch’s most recent CDRs and alerts you to potentially fraudulent traffic, before it can cause financial calamity.

The WebCDR Team

John Bierwagen


John has a 20+ year background in technical support, network, and systems administration.

He has managed software, hardware, and internal tools for a several companies across a range of business sectors.

Greg Youngblood

Software Engineer

From engineering to operations, Greg has spent over 30 years designing, building, and managing systems and operations in the wireless telephone and data, cloud provider, and financial service industries.

Greg joined WebCDR in 2016 and works on the full stack, as well as data analysis and supporting customer data exchange and reporting needs.

Adam Nathanson

Managing Director and Founder

Combining careers in software development and wholesale telecom, Adam Nathanson founded WebCDR to provide hosted billing for the emerging carrier market of the mid-1990s.

Prior to that, Adam was a VP/GM for Bluebird Systems in Carlsbad, CA where he managed a software product division, and he worked as a computer programmer before that. Adam earned a B.S. in business administration from Drexel University, and an M.B.A. from San Diego State University.

Ian Warford

Software Engineer/DBA

Ian has worked with all major SQL databases in some capacity since
1999, from both a development and administration perspective. Having worked with Perl and Unix for over two decades, he has done database work from OLTP to data warehousing solutions.

Before joining WebCDR, Ian was working with online document
publishing systems driven by Postgres databases, as well as implementing software for online media playback devices for commercial media and marketing firms.